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The Illuminati first of all see themselves, they want to be the most powerful and to have
everything, i.e. the world.
They lie with an inflated “ego” consciousness.  Rest assured that
the Illuminati therefore deal with one another in exactly the same way as they do with
Everyone wants to be the best, the richest and most powerful.  It is doubtful however
whether or not these people sleep well and ever experience a feeling of happiness and
William Bramley for instance, shows in his book The Gods of Eden how the human Illuminati
themselves are used and how the whole subject of secret lodges is interlinked with extra-
terrestrials, starting with the Brotherhood of the Snake.
Those who believe to have global
power are themselves puppets in the hands of other beings.
(More about this in the list of
Here again those adages are true:
“You can easily fall into your own trap.”
“Those who want to rise highest above others will become the lowest.”
“Birds of a feather flock together.”
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