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“Wait a minute, this all started long before my time and there are six billion people actively
involved, why should I start changing things?”
Because you are aware that here something is going wrong!  Your consciousness has
changed, you have realized that there are other, better ways to deal with life and thereby
you are distinct from your “unconscious” fellowman.  You now are responsible for the
cognition you just gained.  Before you may just have said: I didnt know about it.
But now
you KNOW.
And now you can’t just sneak off.
We are all only abused because we are not critical enough and don’t watch out.  But just as
we slid into it, we can get out again.  On a physical level it might be important to become
To plant out grain ourselves, to sink wells, keep a few goats for milk and
cheese, use alternative power, bury some gold in the garden for emergencies… just be
This does not necessarily mean that one has to cut back on normal life.
Today there are
many communes leading an almost luxurious life.  Certainly more in the States than in
Germany.  But it works anywhere.  You don’t have to do it all by yourself.  Add your best
friends, those you trust, do it together.
Together it will be easier, because each and
everyone is unique and in one way or another, special.
[H: Oops! Right here WATCH IT.  Be careful in the “commune” naming.  You will be
immediately registered as a CULT – and you will be harassed out of every good thing you
hoped to accomplish.  You can work together toward some gainful projects WITHOUT
BEING A COMMUNE OF SOME KIND.  You must be self-sufficient and GROW something
that can be productive and sustaining or you will have only once again fallen into a pre-laid
So we can balance each other.
Find people of like mind.  Start by reading critical literature and go to pertinent lectures;
increase your knowledge and form discussion circles.
Subjets like “free energy devices” and
the construction of them are certainly not uninteresting.
It is also important to speak of
emotions.  But get to the point, don’t circumlocute and just discuss.
Possibel solutions in the outer, the material world are given in some of the books in the
literature list.
Many historians themselves have been caught up in the web of entanglements and have
transferred their own cause-finding and responsibility to the Zionists and the Jews.  Some
Christian researchers went for the Freemasons and believed they were guilty of it.  Not all
the members of the Rothschild family are beholden to the ideology of world rule!  So do not
make sweeping judgements!
The reason for this book is NOT to pinpoint some perpetrator
or other,  but to recognize the principles and the modes of action and to look now at possible
Again very clearly:
The Illuminati are not part of any religion, party, nation or group, but they used them all as
cover.  Therefore I would like to stat once more that this game had started thousands of
years before any of the persons mentioned in this book were even born, and it will not end
with them either.
Those we call today Satanists or who are representatives of the Zionist
community (Rothschild, Warburg) are only pawns ina game with much higher stakes.  You
must read The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.
Ruggeberg writes:
“RUDOLF STEINER had already in 1920 pointed to the fact that the names of those highest
in an occult secret society never appear in the list of members… In negative or black
magical orders all the important written documents are rendered in a secret script that can
only be deciphered by the unknowing by using the appropriate key.  The materialistic
historians will have a lot to learn in this respect if they don’t want to do without the whole
truth.” (Geheimpolitik)
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