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Pike’s letter.
The Servs have only got to realize their threat of firing rockets on Germany
should it interfere in the Yugoslav war.  Or, should hunger and poverty in the CIS states and
the North African “third world countries” increase even more – which can be predicted
without any special powers of prophecy – they will not go to China or the U.S. to get what
they need, thy will go to Germany first.
The Swiss have no problem with this because thy
have their shelters and guns in their homes and also live in the mountains where the hungry
will not want to climb.  But the Germans will have to be rather defenseless against these
events.  For the elite and our politicians who “really have earned the privilege” of survival
there are numerous perfectly laid out underground bases with food and everything
necessary for the survival of several decades.  Yet the naive rank and file has conveniently
been forgotten.
Just think this through.  How would you react if tomorrow the Serbs would gun Munich or
Former Illuminatus George Orwell in his book 1984 has clearly decribed how things could be
in the eyes of the Illuminati.
This includes control by a laser tattoo.
There were several
attempts to stop the publication of 1984.
Naturally it is not too late.
A lot can be done if the people of all nations would give up their
appalling ignorance and would really start to be concerned about humanity and the planet
But through the games of the Illuminati we are so beautifully caught up in our own small
world of problems that most have long lost track and therefore have pulled back from the
world’s activities.
Just a short example illustrating this last remark:
The mass media (controlled by the Illuminati) is drumming into you that in order to be a good
citizen you have to have a great car, your own house, a family, a career, designer clothes,
etc.  After seeing this picture of the perfect “member of society” for decades on TV and in
print your subconscious has absorbed the information and now you are convinced that you
really need all these things (the same of course goes for attitudes and fashions).
To get all
this you have to really work hard.  But you cannot work fast enough.  You want these things
now.  So you buy on credit and with installment plans and slowly but surely you are caught
in the net that has been laid out for you so perfectly, and obligations and debtrs will tie you
up for decades.
Add to this the family and the kids, the money for holidays, car repairs, etc. you are finally
trapped in the vicious circle “created by yourself”, with your oh so many problems, so you
find neither time nor inclination to check whether what you happen to be doing is what you
actually want to do.
And then some time you discover that you are not at all happy with what you created in the
outer world and that today you would go about it differently but that now it is too late.
This is, simply put, what is planned in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and that for
decades happens in all countries of this world.  In addition you might feel inadequate to deal
with all the problems and you look for refuge in drugs and alcohol.  Once you have reached
that point, the race of this life is all but over anyway.  Yet some still make it.
In the next
chapter I will show that it is never too late.
But treating symptoms to your problem or of the conditions presented in this book.  Had you
checked whom you vote for and what you support daily, the world would look different today
and the Illuminati would have no power over you.  With “you” I mean every human being on
this planet.
How did Ross Perot, candidate in the last presidential elections in the U.S. say so
”If you want to find out what is wrong with your country, go look in the mirror.”
Here some will possibly say:
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