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People who can alter matter by consciously rotating their “MERKABA”, their own
magnetic field, are called AVATARS (the best known in the Western World was called
Yeshua ben Joseph, Jesus, who was a master amongst them).
It is thus possible to create
directly from the ethers (materialization), to eliminate gravity, to float or to walk on water
(levitation), to displace oneself instantaneously, for instance, from Africa to America
(teleportation), spontaneous healing by changing the structure of the cells, etc.
had the advantage of having been raised spiritually.  Thus, I learned early on to
consciously program by subconscious, to live following the universal laws and to train my
mediumship.  According to the law of resonance I then started to attract similar people to
am now 27 years old, have traveled five continents, and have found the mentioned
machines as well as avatars in almost every country.
In New Zealand I encountered several
people that had emigrated there precisely because in Europe they had met with severe
difficulties from the nuclear, oil and electricity lobbies because they were developing free
energy devices or anti-gravity flying disks.
I started to ask just why we never hear about
these technologies and why the Churches are presenting the works of avatars as miracles.
Why are human beings like Jesus and Buddha
elevated to be Sons of God although their
deeds  are merely the application of definite laws of Nature that are at the disposal of
everyone on this planet?
So I slowly discovered who and what was behind the fact that these themes never
appear in the media or are ridiculed and why publications are fraught with the utmost
disregard to human lives.  That this topic is not just a game became terribly clear to me
when an acquaintance, a ranger in the north of the New Zealand South Island had
discovered a testing ground for flying saucers of the U.S. Air Force and was found only five
hour after he had announced his find at the foot of a cliff, murdered together with his only
witness.  I met CIA, Naval Intelligence and BND (Bundernarchrichtendienst of Germany)
members that were or still are involved in such projects.  Many of them didn’t want to
continue in this deadly game, but they fear for their lives – surely justifiably so – if they
revealed information.
Information like this and other “secrets” that I stumbled upon during
my research have been collected in this book.  All of it is interlinked with secret societies,
religion, high finance and politics.
Now I am torn between the terrible helplessness that I feel along with the rest of my
generation and that drives so many into a feeling of NO FUTURE, and the defiant drive to
counter this madness in a refreshing, unaffected and unbiased way, with awakening might,
with the well-known spiritual laws and spiritual knowledge.  As publisher and author, we
have to awaken, to stir up, but the changes have to be wrought by today’s young generation
of this bogged down humanity on our maltreated Mother Earth.
As I have been repeatedly and very seriously warned against personally standing up
to these established powers, I am sending the manuscript without sender’s address in the
hope that you will be equally convinced of its content and will publish it under the
pseudonym given.  Under the circumstances I would also be prepared to waive any
remuneration – in the interest of the cause.
wish this book diffusion and success under the caring blessings of the positive
spiritual forces!  [H: Smile!]  To you, Mr. Ewert, my heartfelt gratitude for your endeavours,
and protection, and strength for your future work in the service of Truth. – Jan van Helsing
The next in order in the document is, of course, the “Index”.
We will leave that for the
time being because there will be no way up front to generate pagination or reference.
will offer topics as they appear as to the text.
I, Hatonn, will make my comments as usual, in
brackets.  And, yes, Lester K., there is an importance to New Zealand beyond your interest
in Rife microscopes – just please be patient, my friend.]
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